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Another Successful Bag & Pack

A Few of the Bag Packers
A Few of the Bag Packers

Well, what an amazing weekend we had for fundraising this weekend. A very long weekend for all involved, but 100% worth it after what our amazing cheerforcers managed to achieve, with help from brilliant our parents as always. Once again, you have done more than what we could ask.

The total amount raised was £1314.10. Of course finishing in 10p.

A big thank you goes to Ellie Boden who organised this event and without her wouldn’t have been possible.

Our Lovely Ellie
Our Lovely Ellie

Funds raised are going towards new tiffin mats that will be held at the main Telford facility, Phoenix Academy.

A little message from Head Coach Rachael Swinnerton, who couldn’t make it due to being at a wedding in Surrey all weekend. ‘I am so thankful for all your hard work this weekend with fundraising!!! I’m hearing wonderful things from all involved’.

Tesco Bag & Pack

End of Pom Season 2

FC Nationals

Look how proud our girls are!

This photo was taken just before the awards at Future Cheer Nationals 2014 where the Ladies of TEN came a fantastic 5th place! The Senior Pom team really did finish a brilliant year on a high.

We now can’t wait to start Season 3 and experience all the exciting things it has to offer.

The girls have had a season full of laughter and tears, wins and losses and through all the obstacles that have been in their path, the Ladies of TEN have grown stronger and more determined than ever, but most importantly, pulled through as one.

A special thanks from the girls goes out to everyone that has supported them this season, through the good times and the bad. It really wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Pom tryouts will be held soon, however, no details are available yet. We will keep you all posted on times and dates.


Season 3 Tryouts